Alienware uses an Aside from this, we would like to finish by stating that Alienware knows better than anyone else how to get as much performance into a possibly small case. Due to the weight of just about two kilograms, and a size of x x 33 mm, the 11 inch subnotebook can be transported easily. When browsing the web with WLAN the subnotebook lasted 7. HP Spectre x inch, late

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The same applies to the Unigine Heaven 2. In reality the color is a bit darker.

Review Alienware M11x R3 Gaming Notebook

Due to the weight of just about two kilograms, and a size of x x 33 mm, the 11 inch subnotebook can be transported easily. On the other hand, vidfo palm resting area was not perfectly flush with the soft-touch surface on the right side, which caused a very sharp edge as a result.

Optimus is m11s dynamic process for t3 switchingwhich either enables the dedicated or integrated graphics card, depending on the present requirements. While the final version of Samsung’s PM is supposed to be the driving force, we have to make due with the older PM Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Our tested device is powered by the Core iMa two core processor with 4 MBytes of L3 cache, and a clock speed of between 1.

Above all else the older revisions of the M11x. The solid design has remained the same. The input devices left an altogether good impression.


Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted With the help of the previously mentioned AlienTouch software, it is possible to adjust the touchpad in detail to personal preferences and requirements. Under a high load vido application, PC game, etc. Fortunately Alienware didn’t think it was necessary to reduce the clock speed; MHz coreMHz memoryand MHz shader are in line with the standard values.

The power consumption is acceptable in light of the provided performance, a maximum of 35 Watts are drawn from the socket by the 40 nm manufactured graphics card. Whether Alienware will offer the Core iM to retail customers at some point is not certain at g3.

More or less the whole base can be removed.

A fine honeycomb pattern covers the touchpad. From the perspective of the build quality, the M11x R3 is manufactured according to the typical high Alienware standard, whereby our pre-series device showed two small faults. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. The multi-faceted GeForce GT M currently finds itself used very often by manufacturers due to its good value for money.

Along with better performance and low temperatures, there is above all also a much longer battery life. Viedo case you should nevertheless still have problems at some point, our test of the Dell XPS 15 could possibly help you in this respect, in this review we list some ‘Nvidia Viideo tips.

Alienware M11x R3 review: Alienware M11x R3 – CNET

Touch pad buttons can be m11. The delivery package of our tested device wasn’t the final version. The system noise is also a weak point on the subnotebook, since the cooling fan is definitely a little too loud under load. The old M11x is significantly worse in a direct comparison, with the battery life only lasting half as long in an idle state.


NEW Dell Alienware M11x R3 – video dailymotion

The SSD doesn’t only accelerate the boot process and general reaction time of the operating system, but also has a positive impact on the length bideo loading times and file transfers. Alienware uses an The memory interface is a bit disappointingly narrow though, since bits often reach the limits with modern games.

Our model was not a final series model. Especially impressive is the battery life when subjected to a low load, minimal brightness, and maximum videeo saving; the Readers Test from Vixeo Eater ran for just under 13 hours.

It was only a question of time before Alienware created a Sandy-Bridge refresh of its On the one hand the subnotebook didn’t completely stand on the table top, since the right front corner was slightly raised. With little load internet, movies, etc.