Later, after checking this one out a bit more, I’ll edit this to reflect what I find. To get it working for me, I installed the kernel from experimental 2. The exact steps I took in testing this: So far, I haven’t had any luck duplicating this problem. Which do you want to use? The current list of supported controllers for hpsa: New builds on the ee37 kernel still fail.

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If there are versions of kudzu in the field that do use these module names, then we will preserve these files in the kernel, so upgrades will continue to work. Tried different scsi cable already. I let it hang overnight and no other error returned.

Added dynamic outstanding command turning on a per controller basis. Problem is getting cciss module to load. If you want a non-zero return code in depmod 2. Fixed a panic that could arise during an insmod and rmmod of the cciss driver.

Debian package only builds binary cciss module. This feature has been removed, as any Smart Arrays not known to cciss are now presumed to be claimed cdiss the hpsa driver. This would defend against any future problems of this type by clearly flagging them as install failures rather than boot failures.


Here’s a sample report from arrayprobe 2. Solution is to install firmware-linux-nonfree Jessie? We’re using the controller in DL G1’s.

HP ProLiant Servers

The following list of controllers are supported by cciss on distributions based on kernels before 2. We will update the release notes to make this requirement explicit. And to clarify, this is using the e35 kernel. Maybe for others this will work fine because besides unsupported OS version on this server there were another key component, that might have lead to this problem – non-HP disk drives ie.

cciss(4) – Linux man page

Xorgcfg – undefined symbols and fails to load modules. Create a directory and unpack the tarball. Site Search Library linux docs linux man pages page load time Toys world sunlight moon phase trace explorer. Removed unneeded lock in sysfs code.

[SOLVED] HP DL G5 neither cciss nor hpsa modules will load because of missing symbols

Version-Release number of cxiss component if applicable: Change to this directory, and execute: It can no longer find the rhel5 base media cciss driver following an uninstalled of an Cciws cciss rpm.


By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. There are newer versions. Comment 10 Jason Dixon Fixed race condition that could show up during driver init.

I’ve flashed to 3.

Comment 6 Simon Brady I guess I will try e40 and see if perhaps it’s fixed. To avoid this, you can modify your install image to include the needed firmware.

– cciss driver panic with HP Smart Array

The logical drives are presented to the block layer not to the SCSI midlayer. Comment 11 Simon Brady We have found that when AS 2.

If you already did that, or you are seeing a different panic, then please provide more detailed information.