To permit the operation to be performed, touch [Allow]. Mode Memory Key Watermark Print copies with one of the preset text. Press the [Stop] key while a document is be- Stop ing scanned or a job is Start being printed. Was the document not Position the document so that it is pressed close enough pressed closely against the original against the original glass? The Chapter Paper screen appears. Both a horizontal shift and a vertical shift can be specified together.

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Pull out the paper tray for the tray 3 or 4. Page 83 If printing is permitted, prints are counted for public us- ers.

In the Basic screen, touch [Combine Originals]. Using the keypad, type in the desired number of copies.

Page 41 Deleted Jobs: The Printer Adjustment screen appears. Page 92 Touch [3 Printer Adjustment]. Compatible with these machines: Page At this time, do not turn off the machine with the main power switch. Application Functions Select the desired Stamp function.

Touch [OK] four times. Repeat steps 7 through 11 until the desired print results are achieved. See Staple Cartridge or can- p. If imgistics message other than those listed above appears, perform the operation described in the message. Insert Sheet A blank page is inserted as the 12th page of the copy.


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Enter the value by mm using the keypad. The User Setting screen appears. Select the desired copy settings. Specifying Paper Settings For Paper Trays — An item can also be selected by pressing the key in the keypad for the number beside the desired button.

Imabistics [Exit] imzgistics quit the Help mode and return to the screen that was dis- played before the [Help] key was pressed. In any other case, the settings cannot be combined, the setting specified first is given priority, and a warning message appears.

Imagistics im Manuals

Page Overload could result in a fire. The One-Touch Registration screen appears. Note A job can also be queued while the machine is warming up after the sub power switch is turned on. Detail Whether the machine enters Low Power mode or Sleep mode when the [Power Save] key is pressed can be set from the Administrator mode.


Load overhead projector transparencies one sheet at a time. Page How can the entered margin position be corrected? Why is the button for the setting that I wish to change not dis- played? Page Check the punch positions in the sample copy. Touch [Select] to enter the specified pages and display the Chapter screen with the list of specified pages. The Sound Setting screen appears. For a horizontal shift, touch [Left] or [Right] to specify the shift di- rection.

Then, press the [Reset] key to cancel the copy settings, and then specify the desired settings. Touching any part in this unit may result in burns. Front Doors left And Right Touch the button for the paper type to be set.