Has there been any progress anyone can report on this? This option will log additional information. TABLE describes the available sensor arguments. Newer versions of hardware may fix the problems indicated below. Hi Paragon, Sometimes restarting the target server redeems issues like this – can you try that? My PRTG updates are always rock solid. Use at your own risk.

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ipmitool gives “Authentication type NONE not supported” – Stack Overflow

The integers represent the following states:. Please try to restart the SNMP agents: You can view information about system hardware components. Add comment Created on Nov 2, 3: The BMC or service processor may be busy or worst case possibly non- functioning.

Add comment Created on Mar 25, 3: This may be necessary on some motherboards to help identify what sensors are referencing.

Last change on Oct 27, 8: It may also be possible the available cipher suite ids are not correctly configured on the remote BMC.

The entity id and instance number may help clarify which sensor refers to “Processor 1” vs. You should never install it to bit machine because it is bit. Up Down All of the channels in this sensor have no information. With the update to PRTG version Lower Critical going low. Upper Critical going high.


Linux-Kernel Archive: Re: ipmi null pointer oops in rc2+ on HP DLG6

Add comment Created on Oct 21, 2: Up Down Hehe okay, not so easy then. Many of the options for this daemon are very similar to the ipmi-sel 8 tool.

Created on Oct 28, 5: Post as ho guest Name. Defaults to milliseconds 1 second if not specified. This may significantly improve the wall clock running time of tools because an operating system scheduler’s granularity may be much larger than the time it takes to perform a single IPMI message transaction. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

This could be caused by a cold reset or any other unexpected shutdown. April 16, at If you want to see the last NUM records, use the last qualifier.

The command in the following example returns a list of all Temperature type sensors in the SDR. Add comment Created on Dec 14, 6: I am experiencing a similar issue to the above.


Скачать драйвер HP NULL IPMI Controller

Why does this error suddenly appear? A special command line type of “none”, will indicate no types should be excluded may be useful for overriding configured defaults. Multiple states can be listed separted by comma.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyHhp Policyand our Terms of Service. Hello, I am experiencing a similar issue to the above.

Other queries can include a particular type of sensor. This allows the user to add the localhost into the hostranged output.

It works around systems that return invalid authentication codes due to hashing or implementation errors.