Documents are automatically stored in memory and sent to a remote station. List, click Edit and Load Overlay, and select the overlay If the caller leaves a message, the answering machine stores the message as it would normally. Clone Copying Clone Copying This special copy feature can be applied only when you place a document on the document glass. If not, they may tear while exiting the machine. Plug the interface cable of the tray into the connector on the back of the machine. Copying Problems Condition Suggested solutions Copies are too light or too Use the Darkness button to darken or lighten the dark.

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Page 98 To change the print settings from your software application, access printer properties.

Dsm520pt the jammed paper by gently pulling it straight out. To save a Favorites item: Installing Software About the Software You must install the printer software using the supplied CD-ROM after you have set up your machine and connected it to your computer.

DSm 520pfl/520pf

Loading Paper – To avoid smudging caused by fingerprints, handle them carefully. Select the destination path, if necessary.

Canning Scanning Basics This machine offers four ways to scan. Group Dialing You can digits. You can configure the network parameters using the control panel; Tabs on the sides of the cartridge and corresponding grooves within the machine will guide the cartridge into the correct position until it locks into place completely.


If you click to install SmarThru on this screen, page 2. For details about loading a document, see page geetetner. In The Multipurpose Tray Remove the jammed paper by gently pulling it straight out. The Printer Tab When you click Group dial, the following window opens. Scanning To Usb Flash Drive Esm520pf printing the file, the display asks if you want to print another job. The Scan Settings Tab Click the Scan Settings tab to configure the scan destination list that appears on the control panel display when you press Scan-to on the control panel.

Front output tray Rear output slot To use the front output tray, make sure that the rear door is closed. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

The default is C: Schedule Information List This list shows the document s dsj520pf stored for Delayed faxes. Select the components to be installed and click Next. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

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In the Select Notification section In this section, you can select various settings. Clone Copying Clone Copying This special copy feature can be applied only when you place a document on the document glass.

Selecting Print Materials You can print on a variety of print materials, such as plain paper, envelopes, labels, transparencies, and etc. When printing documents with high graphic dsmm520pf and relatively few TrueType fonts, printing performance speed may be enhanced in this setting.


Entering Characters Using the Number Keypad As you perform various tasks, you need to enter names and numbers. Page Double side-seams construction has vertical seams at both ends of the envelope rather than diagonal seams. The exact steps for printing a document may vary depending on the application program you are using.

The area should be well-ventilated and away from direct sunlight or sources of heat, cold, and humidity. Place a single document face down on the document glass.

Auto Fit Copying Setting the Time Out Ds5m20pf You can set the time the machine waits before it restores the Poster Copying default copy settings, if you do not start copying after changing them on the control panel. Replace the control board cover. If there is any resistance and the paper does not move when you pull, or if you cannot see the paper in this area, check the fuser area around the toner cartridge.

In the United Kingdom, if a three-wire type SHUNT-wire, older equipment telephone or answering machine is connected to the EXT jack on the machine, the external equipment will fail to ring when receiving an incoming call as the machine is designed to operate with the latest technology.