I shortly attached a part from the documentation which I found on the Hygrosens site, which describes how to open the device. There are test programs for all three languages. Message 9 of 9. Kind regards, Roman Solved! Equating complex number interms of the other 5.

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We ran the MTPAV at a place I worked at a few years back and it did OK, but that was back in the 98 days, and the main machine it was on was actually a beige G3 8 pin serial. Similar Threads cypress microcontroller programmer 4.

Cypress AN2131SC ?

I would an2131sf very grateful, if you could give me some more hints! I didn’t throw the thing away Oddly enough, the analog parts of his stuff sound like the areas he’s actually dissatisfied with.

I have found some more information: DAC input digital signals, how to generate? There are test programs for all three languages.

installing a cypress USB driver

Wrong datatypes and order of parameter can cause the DLL Call to fail. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Jack wanted to try it anyway. I was thinking about throwing Thorsten’s USB interface in with my next etch. Thanks to Moritz, I have also found this one: I’m seriously looking for something I can count cypresw for studio duty, with just a few ports. Also still wondering who the guy was in here that did something like that.



Its firmware is downloaded from device driver. Unfortunatley it is in german. It did seem like a lack of that sort of stuff on the web. I hate to keep coming back to this, but parallel DIY would rock. I didn’t wan’t to write my own driver cypresd i stopped trying. They invest far too much in rushing out new hardware and advertising it, so I’m guessing that keeping any previous customers happy isn’t cyprress the top of their list.

The body is in mint condition and the things are just about worthless now.

cylress I’ll probably be seeing you in there. Concerning the parallel interface: The driver issue is obviously way over my head, so if I ever find a circuit, I would assume that whoever had designed it would also have written one, or be using an existing one.

IEE Floating Point addition 7.

There’s also usually additional time code and sync stuff, which many of us don’t need these days. It’s a real shame that their software priorities and support are so horrible, especially for those MIDI units, as they have so many nice non-USB ones.


Message 5 of 9. I’d almost rather have it go undetected.

Cypress Semiconductor AN2131SC Microcontroller

You are right, there are several cpyress calls before it is possible to communicate with the card. The error constants are described together with the function declarations in the appendix.

I was looking at mine last night thinking about it. I shortly attached a part from the documentation which I found on the Hygrosens site, which describes how to open the device.

Also guessing this is all well within USB 1. I took a further look at the USB Controller used. Or was that all in my mind?